If you are reading this then there is a pretty good chance you have something in your body that hurts and you are looking for a non-pharmaceutical way of either improving how it works or feels or eliminating the problem completely.

Osteopaths deal with movement in your body. Changes to the quality and extent of movement occurs from very early in life. Let’s face it, how many teenagers can do the splits, yet most 5-6 years olds get pretty close. These changes in our muscles and joints happen gradually and, like most cars, as the kilometres grow, so do the problems. We tend to collect ailments, more by the decade. It takes longer to recover from each as the body has more to deal with than it did the preceding decade eg the knee pain after gardening is worse since you sprained your ankle last summer.

Osteopaths work to help your body cope with increasing age by focusing treatment on stretching tight muscles, keeping or increasing your joint mobility and ensuring you are using the right muscles when you walk, sit, stand and exercise. We often see a person after a long car trip, followed by some poor pillows whilst away and then some sight-seeing activities that cause immense discomfort and, if left without treatment can become ongoing problems. I often wonder how many lane changing car accidents could be avoided by someone seeing an Osteopath for the neck that hurts to turn.

Can we “fix” arthritis? In short, no. Can we make your pain from arthritis more bearable? Most likely. The joint space narrowing and cartilage wearing down cannot be changed with manual therapy. Along with these changes come alterations to how you walk, sit, drive and exercise. These can all cause pain in surrounding areas. Pain in your lower back can occur because the muscles in your legs don’t allow you to get out of the chair as you use to. Osteopaths can help you be more mobile with less pain so that your body can keep up with what your mind wants to do.

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