Remedial and Pregnancy Massage Consultations

Catherine uses a variety of techniques depending on the problem you may be presenting with. Such techniques include Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports and Swedish Massage. Structural assessment and the range of motion of a joint may also be used to determine where the soft tissue restriction or dysfunction may lie.

Massage during pregnancy is a specialist area, and Catherine is a qualified pregnancy massage therapist. Specialist techniques are used to assist in relaxation, promoting circulation and maintaining optimal health for you and your baby. Research shows that specialised massage during pregnancy can reduce the risk of premature birth, whilst increasing the chances of a healthy birth-weight baby. Not to mention the benefits for you!

From 13 weeks onwards, Catherine would be happy to customise a pregnancy massage for you so that you and your little bump can both reap the benefits.

Treatment costs

1 hour remedial or postnatal massage – $85

1 hour pregnancy massage – $90 (extra cost is to cover the additional equipment required to provide for a comfortable massage)

Infant Massage Classes

Good health management starts from birth! Parents can give their little ones a head start through learning the right techniques for infant massage. The benefits are real: from improving immunity to relieving colic and increasing weight in low birth weight infants. Who wouldn’t want to give their child these gifts? I offer a five week course for parents to learn this valuable skill. Classes are held periodically and feel free to contact me to register your interest in the next class be sending an email to

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