Shayne Day Osteopath

Dr Shayne Day
BASc Osteopathic Medicine/Osteopathy

Shayne is a registered Osteopath who has worked in Brisbane for 24 years after practicing for 3 years in Auckland. Shayne first discovered
osteopathy when he received relief for chronic pain in his back and pelvis due to his auto-immune condition. After previously trying physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage and acupuncture without much success he was amazed at the results he received from such a gentle approach. Within a year he was studying at RMIT and the philosophy of Osteopathy has been a guiding influence for him since.
Due to his own experience, he has a keen interest in auto-immune
conditions and gut health. He has undertaken post graduate training in the biodynamics of cranial Osteopathy and concussion management and loves to help people with complex conditions including migraine headaches, vertigo and whiplash. He has vast experience of treating babies and children including his own children who have all been treated minutes after their birth. As a parent he understands the benefit that helping infants and children brings to the whole family.

Shayne has recently relocated his practice to Samford and joins the West End team on Wednesdays. 


Andrei graduated from Victoria University in Melbourne and has been living and practising in Brisbane for over a year. He is an enthusiastic and energetic osteopath that particularly enjoys treating repetitive strain and biomechanical injuries, especially those involving hips and shoulders. He has had lots of experience treating office workers, tradespeople and athletes. He strongly believes in rehabilitation exercises and believes in addressing not just one's body but their lifestyle as a whole.


In his spare time Andrei enjoys weight training, boxing and exploring Queensland's beautiful natural attractions. He is registered with AHPRA and is accredited with Masters in Osteopathy. 



Peta graduated from ACNM Brisbane (now Endeavour) in 1998 and has been a full-time Acupuncturist ever since. She has a unique approach that integrates Western and Eastern philosophies in her treatment of musculoskeletal pain, stress and fatigue conditions.


Peta prefers very gentle Japanese Acupuncture techniques that combine palpation and remedial massage to understand the cause and unwind the patterns of disharmony. She believes that longer-lasting results are achieved by working holistically, including the mind/body connection.


Peta is registered with AHPRA and is a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association.


Peta Favier

Adv. Dip. App. Sc. – Acupuncture

Grad. Dip. – Japanese Acupuncture

Dip. – Remedial Massage

Registered Acupuncturist

Dr Andrei Mihaesi
B.Sc M.H.Sc (Osteopathy)

Sara Jane has a passion for learning about people, not just their bodies. Understanding the individual, their lifestyle, the way their mind works and how they cope in their environment, to her is as important as understanding the way their body functions. She believes this is the essence of what enables a truly holistic approach to healthcare.

Sara Jane has completed various professional development courses in the USA, Canada, Ireland and UK and Australia in obstetrics, breastfeeding, paediatrics, Osteopathy in the Cranial Field and Biodynamics. These courses have honed her skills to enable her to help women throughout and beyond pregnancy, as well as those suffering from pelvic girdle pain, headaches, migraines, jaw and facial pain. 

Sara Jane is registered with AHPRA and is a member of Osteopathy Australia.

Sara Jane.jpg

Dr. Sara Jane Hammond
B.Sc (Clin.Sc) M.H.Sc (Osteopathy)
Registered Osteopath


Mark Kelly.jpg

Dr. Mark Kelly
B.App.Sc.(ClinSc)  B.Ost.Sc
Registered Osteopath

Mark is a registered Osteopath and member of Osteopathy Australia. Having graduated from RMIT in 1998, he has a wealth of clinical experience and provides treatment for a wide range of adult and children's problems.

Mark began his Osteopathic career in NSW, and relocated to Brisbane in early 2002 to join the West End Osteopathic Clinic. He opened a personal practice in Mansfield in 2004 and has since worked from both locations. Mark is passionate about educating people to manage and prevent injuries/conditions. He takes the time to discuss his findings and treatment. Mark has gained a reputation for his treatment of a diverse and complicated range of conditions including, but not limited to: - ​Musculo-skeletal conditions involving the spine, pelvis and limbs - Headaches - Sports injuries - Perinatal care of pregnant mums - Mechanical aspects of adolescent, child and baby care Mark is enthusiastic about the integration of Osteopathy with other health modalities and often cross refers with numerous Doctors, Muscular-Skeletal Physicians, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Exercise Physiologists and others to gain the best possible outcome for his patients.

Natalie has worked in Brisbane since 2000, treating patients primarily suffering from repetitive strain injuries and ailments resulting from workplace ergonomic stresses.

Natalie can advise on ergonomics of your posture or workplace.
Natalie has a sporting history in gymnastics, having competed nationally and also coached after her early retirement due to injury. Years later, the recurring pain from the injury resulted in the discovery of how Osteopathy can help back pain.

Natalie has extensive post graduate study in visceral osteopathy and concussion.

Natalie has also served on continuing professional development committees, the Executive Committee of the Accreditation Council, Chairperson of the Queensland Registration Board and nine years on the Osteopathy Board of Australia.


Dr. Natalie Rutsche
B.Sc.(Clin Sc)  M.H.Sc(Osteopathy)

Grad.Cert Bus.Law
Registered Osteopath


Morgan completed her diploma of remedial massage in 2019 and got her start in the industry through corporate and gym massage.


With a grounding in corporate massage and a firm belief in the healing nature of touch, Morgan’s interests lie in pain management through the improvement of posture and strengthening of key muscles.  She is interested in reducing tension headaches, desk-related pain, and feet pain. Neck massages are her specialty, and she prefers to use firm, broad pressure to gently target painful areas.


Morgan is a registered member of ANTA.

Morgan Sutherland
Dip Remedial Massage

Registered with ANTA