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Osteopathic Consultations

Initial consultations are between 40-60 min and involve taking a comprehensive medical history and viewing of any medical reports. An examination of the body, assessing muscles and joints for quality and range of movement, will occur in order to determine any abnormal patterns of movement that your body is enduring. Following this will be a discussion about whether your condition is suitable for Osteopathic treatment and what treatment will involve.

Techniques may include muscle stretching, joint mobilisation, manipulation, traction or more subtle, gentle techniques often used in particularly acute patients or children. Towards the end of the consultation, your Osteopath will discuss finding again, response to treatment, any exercises or stretches that may be beneficial to complete at home and if you require any further treatment or referral. If necessary, Osteopaths can refer for xrays and MRIs but these are not often needed.


Consulting Hours

The West End Osteopathic Clinic operates Monday to Friday, with appointments available most days from 8am to 6pm. Reception is staffed from 9.30am.

Both male or female practitioners are available – see our practitioner profile pages for information about each practitioner.



Appointments are scheduled for approximately 30-40 min. Practitioners are conscious of your valuable time and thus mostly run on time. Initial appointments are 40-60min.

You will be asked to attend your first appointment 10 min early to ensure your personal particulars can be given to our receptionist.



Initial Consultation 40-60min – $120-140
Subsequent Consultation 30-40min – $100-120

Please show any concession cards to reception prior to paying, to receive a concession rate for your consultation.

Private health insurance claims can be made via HICAPS at the time of consultation. Chronic Diseases Management Plans are also able to be claimed via Medicare onsite. The Clinic accepts Mastercard, Visa, EFTPOS, and cash.

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